Site Assessments/ Remedial Planning

Site assessments under RCRA or CERCLA, Feasibility Studies, Value Engineering, Risk Assessment

Remedial Investigation/ Remediation

Remedial Design, Construction Oversight, Cost Estimating,

UST Services

Permitting, Environmental Monitoring, UST Monitoring and Reporting, LUST Evaluation, Site Assessments, and Remediation

Wastewater Treatment

Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Contaminated Surface or Ground Water, Bench Scale Treatability Studies, Construction and O&M, Phyto-Technology, Engineered Wetlands

Phase 1/ Phase 2 Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments under ASTM 1527-13 Related to Property Transactions

Geology / Hydrogeology

Quarry Reserve Estimates of Green Field Sites, Rock Quality Testing, Site Layout, Permitting, Public Participation Meetings, Groundwater Studies, Pump Tests, Well Installation, Sampling and Analysis Plans, and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Environmental Assessments, Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Impact Statements, and Biological Studies