Streambank Stabilization

Natural and hard engineered systems, weirs, vanes, LPSTP, vegetated geogrids, live stakes, and native plantings.

Stream Assessment

Urban and rural stream and riparian classification, geomorphic surveys, rapid stream assessment protocol, stream stability analysis, water quality assessments, and sediment sampling.

Stream Corridor Restoration

Improve water quality and quantity along with protecting habitat and property affected by roads, bridges, and increased land use.

 Integrated Watershed Assessment

Promote judicious use of land and water resources. Solve multiple problems with the latest analytical and design approaches.

Wetland Mitigation, Restoration, Design and Permitting

Mitigate on-site wetlands, 401, and 404 permitting.  Wetland delineations, aquatic habitat assessment and creation, ecologically sensitive and cost-effective designs and construction plans. Designing and building engineered wetlands to treat process wastewater and leachate, nutrient removal, utilization for low level process water treatment

Lake and Stream Aeration

Maintain lake watersheds and lake storage volume in lieu of dredging. Protect water quality. Prepare water quality management plans.